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Carving Elbow and Body Relief

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I started a separate post about my woes with a mahogany body/Steinberger grahite neck project. I'll post photos soon, but I was wondering what other builders (not sure I qualify yet, halfway through first guitar build) do to carve relief for elbow in the upper top edge of a guitar body (a-la-Stratocaster, Jazz Bass, etc) and the belly relief at the middle edge. I have a belt sander I tried on a plywood mockup of the body, and it worked OK, a little hard to control. I don't own a drawknife or have the skill to use it yet, any suggestions? I suppose they are all CNC machined perfectly on production guitars, any advice?

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If you're using the angle grinder/sanding disk method do it outside and wear a dust musk. It makes a lot of dusty mess.

I prefer using scrapers, block planes, microplanes, rasps and/or spokeshaves. The spokeshave and round microplane get a lot of use for the body relief carve where the cut is concave. Block plane and rasp for the convex areas (elbow relief). Scraper can be used in either type of curve.

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