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Behlen Vinyl Sealer Users - Question

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I used this for the first time, it says one hour dry time. I waited two hours and started sanding, and sandpaper gummed up. I waited 12 more hours, sandpaper gums up. So I sprayed again since it was lacquer to have the lacquer coats melt and remove some of the scratches.
New build, bare wood sanded to 320 grit, 1.4mm tip spray gun at 40psi at the gun, was not thinned due to its selling point being "use straight from the can."
Have it sitting in a hot room right now to help the sealer dry.
How long does it take this stuff to dry? I am on a tight schedule.
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Could be a duff batch, or one that has been stored inadequately. Has it been opened or is there a date on there? Unless there is something preventing it curing, I would suspect the product. Sorry that it has blipped your schedule. Keep us in the loop as this is useful feedback on the product or a seller if badly-stored cans are going around.

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I stored it correctly. It must be a bad can of it. The stuff STILL isn't dry and my sandpaper stars getting loaded up within 3 soft touched sanding strokes. Of course giving it haze marks as a result.

Gonna go buy some no load paper, wet sand it instead of dry, and see if I can get results that way.

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