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Capacitor Value to use


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I'm building a hollow body and going to use Humbuckers with both vol and tone pots 500k log. On a wiring diagram I saw 0.22uf cap used. I like a bit of a bite out of my guitars and basically an old Tele player. Just wondering how much difference there would be in tone if I used a .05 capacitor. BTW the humbuckers I will be using have ceramic pole pieces not alnico.

Appreciate any comments. I mainly play blues and country rock.

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The bigger the cap value the duller/darker/warmer/<insert suitable adjective here> the sound when rolling back the tone control. Smaller caps remove less highs than bigger ones.

Generic caps are cheap - grab a handful from your local electronics hobby store and try them out to see which ones work best for you.

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F is frequency R is resistance C is capacitance and obviously π is approx 3.14 for arguments sake. the tone pot has no bearing on the the freq curve. its a parallel circuit with the volume pot the tone pot is just a balance pot between affected signal and non affected signal something to understand is the freq of the guitar itself original tone circuits were designed for a much cruder amplifier design. with so many options in amplifiers now we can attenuate anything now we don't need a roll off that low. 500k pot and a .022uf cap is 15.9hz think about that the freq roll off is lower than what you can hear. A=440 is fifth fret high E does that sound too high to you? does that sound too bright too you. standard tuning high e is approx 1.3k at 24th fret highest fundamental freq you can get i roll off around 800hz personally.

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