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What Depth Cavities For P90s ?

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Hi, Thinking of building a Tele style body and using P90s. Just wondering what suggested depth of cavities for tthe pups you guys recommend. I will be using a strat hardtail bridge and setting action reasonably low. I know these pickups are not like others for settting up pickup height. So just need a good depth suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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There are more factors that need to be taken into consideration, like how deep your neck pocket are, or thick your neck is in the pocket area, the make of the pickups etc. Unfortunately "strat hardtail" and "P90" Isn't enough info. My suggestion is to draw out a side profile with the exact height of your specific bridge, the neck pocket depth, the neck, the preferred string height at the 20'th fret etc. Then you can mark the desired string to pickup distance and finally easily calculate/measure the needed depth for the specific pickups you have. It doesn't have to be a nice drawing, just a line with all positions marked, representing the top of the body, and all other measurements marked above or below that line.

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What I've done is set the route to be 1/8" shy of the pickup height with covers on. You can bring them up if need be with a piece of foam for adjustment.

In the bridge position, if you have an angled neck and TOM bridge, you can make the route shallower by another 1/8".

Since you're using a hardtail bridge, the same depth should work fine.

Make sure that you account for the pole piece screws.

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