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buying veneer

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I've searched all over the internet, supplies section of this website, the websites listed there, and this forum. I'm sure this has been posted 100 times but i did try before posting...anyway...


I'm looking for a place to buy a spalted  maple veneer for a guitar top I'm refinishing and I can't seem to find one anywhere. Id like for it to be a decent thickness as I'll be staining/sanding/staining/sanding  to bring the figure out. Can anyone help me?

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Spalted might prove more difficult than normal veneers. Usually it is soft and structurally weak in places so veneers would have to be thicker, otherwise the sawyer would have too much in the way of losses.

@killemall8 usually has a sweet bead on some spectacular veneers, so you might benefit from his input.

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