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Carbon Fibre with Clear Plexiglass Veneer / Overlay

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Hey guys, 

I'm going through the planning stages for my next build and I'm stuck on one element... 


I'm basically looking to build a guitar with a carbon fiber top similar to the one below, with the addition of a thin-ish (3mm) sheet of clear plexiglass on top of it (this will have a simple line drawing engraved into it). I will be buying the carbon fiber as a pre made sheet before adhering it to the plexi and then cutting it down to the right size. I'd imagine that if I was to try and glue the two surfaces together it's likely that there's going to be a very visible residue leftover from the glue / adhesive, so I'm wondering how to go about bonding the two surfaces together so that the join is effectively crystal clear?

My first thought is some sort of two part epoxy, although since both surfaces are already going to be glossy and can't really be roughed up, I'm not sure really how well any adhesive is going to be able to hold everything together...


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Sign shops often adhere clear polycarbonate and acrylic sheets to various materials using optically clear adhesive. This comes in rolls or sheets and has a backing like decals or double sided tapes. You may be able to get some from sign shop supply houses or even a sign shop may be persuaded to sell you a small amount, Supply house probably will want to sell you more than you need. How ever you do it the trick will be to avoid trapping any debris, bugs or air bubbles under your clear sheet of plexi glass.


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