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Gene Simmons BC Rich Punisher

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Hey guys,

Been a while since I posted. Just scored this serious axe. I need some help on parts to put this together. Share some ideas! Only issue I have found it where the neck paint meets the fretboard it is a little ruff. Maybe some light sanding would fix that? 

Here is what I'm thinking:

Grover clover tuners 

Tulsq nut 

Emg pa active set

schaller bridge 

p bass bridge cover

single volume knob 

schaller strap locks 




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Before you invest in EMGs, look into some quality passives and a preamp.  Lots more tonal possibilities going that route. Keep the layout simple by using cermet pots mounted to the preamp pcb so they wont be seen.  Granted you wont be able to adjust on the fly, but most rock/metal bassists are the set and forget types in regards to their tonal settings and access to a working volume pot is usually more than enough adjustable control for them.  Not to be read as a dig to anyone, just an honest observation.  

You may also give Neal Moser a shout for any non original hardware you may be needing.

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Pickups:  http://www.bestbassgear.com/nordstrand-4-string-p-bass-pickups-humbucking.htm

Alternate Pickup: Seymour Duncan Steve Harris Sig, or Quarter Pound P Bass

Preamp: http://www.bestbassgear.com/aguilar-obp1-preamp.htm

Tone Stack Pot: http://www.bestbassgear.com/noble-25k-eq-pot-for-aguilar-obp-1-stack-treble-bass.htm

I know you didn't want to include a tone pot, but if you do add one, you can really dial in your tone.  I am currently pickup shopping for my bass player as the pickup he has in his bass makes me want to start eating paint of the leaded variety.  Literally sounds like dry beer farts to my ears.  I tried the Till FET preamp to give it some kick, but nah, no dice.  General consensus on places such as Talk Bass as well as speaking to several of my bassist gear head friends suggest the Nordstrand/Aguilar preamp combo with the alternate being the Duncans above.  Unlike you his bass features a knockoff of a Musicman pickup so we have even less choices out there.


Just a question here, which Schaller bridge and what made your decision?  What about a Hipshot Kick Ass bridge?  I ask because while Schaller makes some choice kit, depending on what is in stock through your dealer, you can be waiting upwards of a year for your order.  I bought a set of Schaller  M6 non-locking machine heads in Ruthenium (Schaller's version of Cosmo Black) for an Ibanez clone I am building for myself, and the order took 14 months to arrive.

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