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  1. Wenge is all it’s cracked up to be. I was looking at a piece at my local supplier and as I was putting it back in the stack, it slid across my hand on the only darn unsurfaced section. I didn’t feel it to about 30 minutes later. Those fibers burn like hell. You also can hardly see them. I was able to remove about 10 with tweezers and the used a razor blade like a scraper for the rest. Topical and injected Benedeyl helped the burning / itching but my palm blistered for a couple days after. Careless mistake but I know now what that Hellwood can do.
  2. I am using carbon fiber rods in the neck of my current build. I had decided this build would be all native Texas woods. I had settled on Mesquite originally for the body and pecan for the neck, but like most Texas pecan once it’s dry, it’s hard as hell, but tends to become brittle. The neck blank failed once cut and glued. The wood bowed twisted and split. So in a pinch I found a Mesquite mill about a half hour from my pad and went and picked out the choicest pieces of quartersawn boards they had. If you’ve ever seen a live Mesquite tree, they tend to not ever look straight. They more than n
  3. The News Junkies clip does not have the full segment. Here is Tim Pool reading the transcript of what the newscaster from MSNBC said. I can play the inference game as well man. She said that the way to fight terror is to meet it head on and yes one of this nations policies is to use drone strikes on civilian targets. We killed an American overseas with a drone strike as he was someone within the ISIS hierarchy. Why do you think she said drone strikes on American civilians. You have to be really willing to disbelieve anything negative about that channel and it’s cast t
  4. I have a set of Schiller M6 90s in Ruthenium I am looking to trade straight up for set in Nickel or comparable nickel set. I bought them for a build that never materialized so they’ve sat in the drawer forever. Ruthenium is sort of like Cosmo Black/Black Nickel. These have never been installed and still in the Schaller box. prefer a straight up trade I’ll eat my post costs you do same unless you’re in Texas than I don’t mind meeting up and doing the deal over a meal and a beer or two. If interested but don’t have Schallers to trade, any known branded sealed machine heads in Nicke
  5. They all do that trump isn’t an anomaly in that regard.
  6. We all saw what happened. As for Time’s article, don’t hold it as gospel quite yet. I do not really believe it’s truth and I feel it’s a hit piece disguised as one side bragging. When I first read it, i felt it confirmed what I had witnessed since November. The more I thought about it, I’m not buying that whoever the author is would name names this way knowing the political air. Because it’s not a group that was saving democracy as they call it, considering we aren’t one, but it was a report on how the people in the upper socioeconomic population was telling those who do not make mid size f
  7. Did they also point their finger back at themselves or just blame the right as always? The right probably is following a lot of what Gingrich used as tactics, but the left is following Alinsky’s Rules For Radixals almost verbatim. What’s really bad is talking heads on both sides know exactly what they are doing and they’re all trying to cause chaos and divide. Neither side are trying to act with cooler heads to ratchet down the shit they are flinging at each other. But it’s not just going on over here. It’s like that everywhere.
  8. I am still having a hard time believing people don’t see him as anything but entertainment. Though a lot of why he was saying 20 years ago has come to pass. But to listen to him, no way. I’m already a kind of stress monster on my own. I don’t need someone screaming about gay frogs in my ear every day.
  9. The whole thing started with programs or pogroms if you will, that were started by Yuri Bezmenov in the mid 1960s. To fix it they would have to force a Leave It To Beaver/Doris Day style culture for a couple generations.
  10. MSNBC is the most biased news station in the us. Matter of fact one of their anchors just called for the government to conduct drone strikes on anyone who isn’t a Democrat.
  11. I’ve quit watching Fox since Murdoch sold it. It was always controlled opposition, but at least they didn’t give the cringe inducing news reports they do now. Been getting news mainly on the TV from OAN, then various streaming sites. News reporting has gotten so bad that you have to watch 6-7 different reports on the same story, the. Read about the same so you can figure out just what to filter as garbage. I wish they would apply the same filter to regular news as they do to political reports now. At least that’s easy. If it’s about democrats it’s straight up lies and deception. If it’s abo
  12. No problem. Your vents in t house should have two trunks as you said you have two stories. One will probably be build into the plenum and the other will be in the attic. With small 6” or 8” flex line coming off those into the room vents. Super easy if you’re handy and do it now at night. Buy the stuff during the day. Then wait to start til around 10-11 pm. This way all the days hear will be out of the attic and you won’t burn up. Because even if cool it gets close to 100 up there during the day. Also watch out for red hornets. You’re another Texan yes?
  13. There is a tool you can get at home depot where it you dont have two stories, you just connect it to your drill. its like the fiberglass rod type of cable finshing snakes, but has a nylon scrub bvrush on the end of it. Companies use the same thing but they also have their vacuum hose attached to it. get some 17" flex duct and hook that up to a air mover( carpet drying fan) at the plenum and use that tool I just mentioned. Probably cost you at most $125 for fan duct and that snake thing. Beats what carpet com-panies charge and they dont even get everything https://www.homedepot
  14. Jasco makes a product Home Despot and Lowes sell called Floor adhesive remover. Its about the last good thing Jasco makes since the stupid government stopped all use of methylin chloride. just because of the name methylin. Idiots thought this was used to make methamphetamine. Now you want to chemically strip paint? hope you have a couple weeks. Anywayu, the3 stuff comes in a gallon can and works like a dream and only smells for a little bit umtilit evaporates/
  15. Im sure those 75000 who lost their jobs the next morning are having buyers remorse.
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