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Alternatives to eyelet setting tool?


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Hi everybody. I bought a set of 50 brass eyelets from Ebay and want to make some flatwork for a singlecoil pickup design. Just wondering if anybody had any good tricks on how to set the eyelets? There is a tool from stewmac to do this very thing, but if I could find a good way to do it without ordering it that would be a bonus. Thanks!

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You could try a nail set punch from a hardware store. Even a large nail with the end ground off might work at a pinch.

Years ago when I was making amps I used to buy brass eyelets from the fabric hobby store to make up circuit boards - the kind used to make eyelets for passing laces through material. The packs always came with a matching punch. Far cheaper than buying the eyelets and a punch from tube amp supply stores. Maybe there are smaller ones available from fabric stores too?

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