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Binding or veneer to headstock

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I've got a reverse pointy head stock neck that came from Stew Mac in the 90's. I'm ready to use this neck but I'd like to dress it up a little. I'm thinking of either adding binding or apply veneer to the face to dress it up a little. If decide on binding should I sand the edges back so routing the edge doesn't chip.

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Cutting a binding rebate by hand would be very difficult. The best results would be by using a small router with an edge guide, and sanding is not likely to help much. A good sharp bit and a steady hand will get the best results, but may not be that easy around the pointy bits. However, if you're thinking of veneer AND binding, you could always cut the veneer slightly inset to give yourself a binding rebate.

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On 28/08/2017 at 10:49 PM, bileshake said:

I've got a reverse pointy head stock neck... 

On 29/08/2017 at 7:12 PM, Norris said:

... a small router with an edge guide

Sorry this is a bit kind of late, but

Wouldn't it be best to use a router bit with a wheel that Stewmac sell? with the correct depth to suit the binding

If I were doing this my biggest fear would be the the trimmer tipping when going round the pointy end. I would make up a jig to support the trimmer so this can't happen. I would somehow secure the headstock to a board through the tuning peg holes and then screw pieces of timber the same thickness as the headstock about an inch away (or more, whatever keeps the router bit clear of the job) Use a good sharp bit as Norris said and go "backwards" with the router to avoid chipping, a little bit at a time. Don't router the full depth all at once, go about a third at a time. And the last time go in the proper direction to make sure its clean, no bumps

I've might have photos to give a clear idea of what I mean and post them later

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