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Wooden Adjustable Bridge?

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Hello all.  New to the forum and my first post.  I was thinking about making a wooden adjustable bridge for a new project (both height and intonation).  I am not real experienced in making guitars, but my wood working skills are fairly decent.  I saw a picture on-line of one from a custom builder (can't remember who it was), but I thought it looked real nice.  I have built 2 guitars in the past and started a third that I have not yet finished (will post pics of those at a later date).  My brother is moving out of state and gave me all his lumber.  One is a nice big chunk of walnut that I thought would make a nice guitar.  I have a few ideas in my head, and started drawing something up, but I was wondering if anyone else had tried this and if it worked ok or was a lesson in futility.   Thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks.  Paul.

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I've never seen one that could be adjusted both for height and intonation. Although I guess floating bridges like used on mandolins technically adjust both ways....just not in the manner normally associated with guitars. I suppose it would depend on your design and the materials used for the adjustable parts as to how durable it would be.


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Here is a pic of one for a bass.  It appears to be fully adjustable, but can't tell how intonation is set without loosening the strings (which I think would be kind of difficult).  It appears to use some sort of metal for height, but I would go with wood.  I have some walnut and dogwood laying around which may be hard enough to handle the string tension.  But I would think I would need some sort of metal in there to be able to tap it for a screw.   I saw another out there for a guitar, but for life of me can't seem to find it again.  If I do get this project started, I will post pics with some progression.


Wooden bridge.gif

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