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jig for 2 point tremolo studs? someone must have done this?

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Hello folks.  Recently posted about doing studs for a 2 point tremolo.  Happy to say I have acquired a modest 13" drill press so - going in the right direction anyway! 

I was thinking... could just drill the holes... but what about a jig that would help me get it right afa a parallel line. 

I was thinking... maybe take two pieces of pine and build a 'T' that would sit in the trem rout covering the area where the stud would go.  Then get the one hole marked and drill, then flip the T so the hole is on the other side?  does that make sense?  I suppose this would only work as well as I am able to line up the drill bit to that hole in the pine then. 

Am I wasting effort thinking about it - should I just drill the hole?  Measure twice drill once?

There's a lot of smart people in here, so surely someone has something better?  (keeping in mind I don't have the throat depth to make a jig that would allow me to drill one then slide along a rear parallel to drill the other)

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Interesting idea. Provided you're sure that the long edge of the trem route is perpendicular to the centre line, and the two stud holes are meant to be spaced equally either side of the centre line (beware: some trems aren't designed this way), I can't see an issue with it.

For a one-off job I'd probably just mark the holes and carefully drill them using a brad point bit in the press. If I was doing multiple jobs I'd make up some kind of jig with a centre line marked on it and both holes pre-drilled.

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thanks for chiming in curtisa.  afa the offset for the trem arm... figured I'd have a center line mark (like you mentioned) and just match it up.  afa perpendicular... I would assume the factory cnc route would be more likely perpendicular than anything I'd do... but there I go assuming.  good point. 

also good point: I'm only doing one and perhaps over-thinking it.  In my defense I have a few weeks to wait for a neck so... guess I'm just getting anxious!

thanks again for the response.

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