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school me ala what belt for my drill press


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so... I've got a black and decker model 9402 type 1 13" drill press.  One of the belts is about done. 

Took it off and looked at it and it says "Mountain M-21". 

Measured it rough and it looks to be about 21" circumference.  Found diagrams telling me it's part 99!  but that does nothing for me in terms of actually purchasing one. 

Is the belt I need an M21?  I see some other presses with m21 in the lingo but unfortunately, none of the products list the damn belt size.  i'd take a gamble if I knew at least it was a 21" belt. 

What can you tell me about drill press belts and how to find one that will work for me?

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so went to one autozone and they "didn't have any belts that small" went to another and they nailed it.  21" circumference v belt for $6.5.  It fits a lot tighter than the belt I had, and is wider but works - and actually improved my drill press greatly.  I needed to drill a 3/8" hole through 2 sides square steel for the router sled I'm making.  with the new belt that thing went through it like butter.  seriously impressive.  thanks for the suggestion!

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