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Need Help: Volume Pot: Dramatically lowers from "9" on Down

Fox Volpe

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Hi All,

Just bought a 1991 Peavey Destiny and immediately noticed that the volume pot sounds normal on "10" (full on) but from 9 on down, the volume is dramatically lowered AND the highs are WAY rolled off! Never had this problem with any other guitar! It's so bad I can't really use the guitar except on 10 and I'm a player who always rolls down my volume to clean up on my Tube amps. Here's what I know:

  • Volume POT is 1M AUD (which I guess stands for Audio Taper?)
  • Tone Pot is 250K AUD
  • Sounds really gets muffled from 8 on down, really cuts the highs
  • There is a big yellow sauser shapped cap between the Volume and Tone, I;m guessing this is the problem...? If so how do I disconnect

Overall, I need help troubleshooting this. I've already sprayed the Pots with Electrical Cleaner, so I know that's not it. The other theory I have is that this is a "no load" Tone Pot which (I've only read on the web...) means that on 10 the Tone POT is OUT of the circuit but from 9 on down it is in the circuit. If so this explains the behavior of the volume pot  

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cap is treble bleed... if you cut one end  it will prevent the bleed.  afa the pot... are there active pickukps in that?  generally that'd be the reason to use a 1m pot.  you could take two resistors (1M) and place them across the 2/3 and 1/2 lugs to reduce the resistance to 500k.  or just replace the pot altogether..

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1Meg pot is quite large, even for a passive-pickup guitar, although it shouldn't cause loss of highs . Try replacing with a 500K or 250K one.

It's unclear from your description how the capacitor is wired with the tone control. If you can post some pictures it may help us make some suggestions for you.

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