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I want to start by saying i'm completely new to guitar making. I am choosing to make one as this will be my tenth guitar, so i want it to be special. I felt as though making my own would be better than buying one. With that out the way, hello i'm Andrew. 

As this is my first one I will be building straight from a kit (This one to be exact https://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Seattle-Jazz-Electric-Guitar-DIY-Kit/PZU) This will cut out some of the work like some parts and most the wood cutting. The artwork will be fine as i have a friend who has agreed to do it for me, and the wood work will be easy as my friend own's a small wood cutting shop. I however have very limited knowledge on electronics. I don't want the guitar to sound like what comes in the box so i have ordered some Seymore Duncan SH-2 and SH-4 Humbuckers instead.

I want to wire it up to play more like a Fender Jaguar with that sort of control setup, i have looked online for diagrams and electronic's and cannot find them anywhere, so if someone could possible link me some tutorials as well as links to buy parts. 
Thank you for you're time,

Andrew Smith :) 

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'Fender Jaguar Wiring Kit' seems to return plenty of results in Google, some for less than $60US. You'd get the two single coil pickups supplied, but you'd just chuck them in a drawer and save them for a different project, and it'd probably still be cheaper than buying all the parts one by one. You'd then just replace them with your two Seymour Duncan humbuckers like-for-like.

You will have to modify (or replace) the supplied pickguard to accept the physically larger humbuckers, all the little toggle switches and those two edge-mounted volume/tone controls that the Jaguar uses.

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