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will it fit

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This summer, I am gonna try to build a guitar. As of now it's too damn cold out for me to go outside. Anyway, I have access to a bandsaw, router, and have several carpenters in my family.

My main question is, will I be able to make an rr neck through with a carvin neck through blank and a SINGLE alder body blank (also from carvin)?

Oh yeah, the bridge will be the floyd rose from carvin's catalog.

Thanks alot dudes

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You should be able to do it fine.

If the body blank is 2 pieces and it comes unglued, it would be largely more convienent. However, if its glued or one piece, you'll have to cut it (probably in half) and plane and joint the edges of both the body pieces and the neckthru portion of the neck.

As long as the body blank is actually a BLANK and not a pre-cut body, it would probably be your easiest way of building a neckthru.

Wes used the Carvin Neck through in his V. See this thread for some info on that. I'm sure Wes will probably post, as he is by default the most knowledgeable in the carvin neckthru.

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yeah i think the carvin neck through is perfect for a v...just start the body right at the heel and leave the heel unshaped...it is perfect and the upper fret access is great..

i don't know the dimensions of the rhoads v so i don't know if that body blank will work...i doubt if it will...my v body is 22 1/2" long and 17 1/2" wide...but it is meant to be longer than normal

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