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Bracing for the setar


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A setar is a relatively small instrument with quite fine strings at low tension. I'm going to suggest that bracing isn't actually used.

This document indicates that the most common tuning used is C4-G3-C4-C3.

This page suggests that common strings for the setar are 0.16mm-0.2mm-0.16mm-0.35mm.

Using the values provided you can plug the tunings and string sizes into a string tension calculator to get an idea of the tensions involved. Assuming a scale length similar to a Fender Strat (65cm), with those values each string appears to exert only 4 or 5 pounds of tension, or a couple of kilos each. That's pretty low and unlikely to require bracing the top given that the sound board area of the setar also appears to be quite small.

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