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jigsaw and thick wood, cutting problems


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 i am using an oak worktop for my guitar body. it was free and i am new so thought it was best going with something free. i am having a hard time cutting this wood i have a cheap asda 500watt jigsaw that seems to make no dent in the wood. could it be that the wood has been stained or treated? also, i heard that oak could dull a bandsaw blade quickly? also, my bandsaw seems to be taking up room and i have used it to burn some wood. i just dont like the idea of changing blades on it regularly which could be expensive. i just watched a video of a guy on youtube cutting through what looks like the same wood and thickness with a battery dewalt jigsaw. he mentioned remvoing the pendulum motion. my basic jigsaw doesnt have that option. i was thinking about getting rid of my bandsaw and jigsaw and buying a battery erbauer as i have some of their batteries and a great drill. would a better quality jigsaw make a difference or is it the wood? 



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Jigsaw blades have the tendency of warping (to the left on mine) especially when the material gets thicker. The pendulum should prevent that to an extent.

I'd get a good quality bandsaw blade and learn to maintain both the blade and the saw. Right settings and perfect sharpening are the tools to success. Battery tools can be nice but remember that oak is one of the hardest woods there is. Possibly the hardest domestic wood in the entire Europe. Not only does the hardness cause issues, the natural chemicals in the wood also play a big part in tool wear.

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I had a cheap black and decker walmart jigsaw for about 15 years.  I cut through 3" thick mahogany with it.  It was nothing special.  finally the piece that holds the blade broke.  Oak is hard... but no match for a sharp jigsaw OR bandsaw blade.  not very expensive nor hard to change the blade on a jigsaw... I'd start there.  Turn  your jigsaw upside down and make sure there isn't a little set screw that is on a bracket that pushes the blade fwd... if there is... back that bracket off the blade.  this will make the jig saw take bigger bites... but it shouldn't stop it from working altogether.

wishing you the best of luck!

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