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my guitar, everyone read

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Alright, I decided to make a guitar with parts from warmoth.com. What I basically want to make is a strat with more sustain and possibly some humbuckers. I want to stack it with good parts. Here's a list of the stuff I was looking at, if anyone could help me out, tell me where I'm going wrong I would appreciate it. I listed some questions at the bottom as well. Thanks a lot.

Strat style body, maple. Routed from the back, with no pickguard. 1 volume, 1 tone. Jack in the side. Straplocks

Gotoh Wilkinson Tremolo (non locking, its supposed to stay in tune though)

21 Fret Fingerboard, Rosewood. Maple neck. It's the basic fender bolt on. 25.5 scal length

They have this compound fingerboard thing so that the radius of the fingerboard is higher as you get higher on the neck (not as much fretting out).

Ball bearing nut

Schaller Tuners

Double expanding truss rod

Thin back of neck.

Jumbo frets

Trapezoid Inlays

Schaller Mini Locking Tuners

Not sure about finish, probably a dark sunburst.

Not sure about headstock, maybe a reverse.

As for wiring, there is a great guy on the site called guitarnuts.com (i think) who I'm going to consult when i have my pickup configuration set. He rewires strats for a living I think, makes them noiseless. But for pickups.....

I don't want any stock fenders, maybe the vintage noiseless, but I want things with more bite. I haven't done much with pickups, I know how they work, but which ones are good, I'm clueless. One question, can I mix and match? Like have an Alnico, Seymour Duncan, and EMG all on the same guitar? So here are some I liked

Seymour Duncan Hot Rails

Dimarzio Virtual Vintage Heavy Blues

Seymour Duncan Invader

Gibson P90 or P94

EMG81 or EMG85

Seymour Duncan Seth Lover

I know they are pretty random, but we play everything so I need a variety. I'd like something bluesey for rythym, Les Paul like almost, but not the alnicos, ive got those on my les paul. I want something with higher output for lead, something that can give chunk, balls, but not too single track. Oh yeah, i can have any configuration as well, even 3 humbuckers. Any reccomendations or comments would be appreciated

And finally here are some questions

warmoth.com mentioned phase shifting possibilities. What is phase shifting?

Would it be possible to put a bypass switch or button on the guitar to turn off the signal?

Is coil Splitting worth it?

If I really worked at it could I get a simple effects pedal built into the guitar, like reverb, chorus, echo, etc?

If there is a ton of space cut out for electronics, will the guitar not have as much bite? How oitcable is this?

I'll leave it at that. Thanks a lot

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i would keep the emgs alone or go all passive..i would not mix and match because you will end upnoticing the difference in volume and noise everytime you switch between them...

my favorite combos are 81/85 and 85/85

the 85 has a serious bottom end chunk with a buttery sweet lead tone...great for neck and bridge

i would go 85/85 on an all maple guitar

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What radius is that bridge? If you go with a compound radius fretboard, I'll bet that bridge will present some problems. Most strat type bridges (I think that's one?) are setup for a fairly round radius (10 to 12"). Some of them are adjustable, some are shimable, some are just not going to allow you to change the radius. Check into this before going too far with the compound radius fretboard idea (or any fretboard radius for that matter). I don't know much about that bridge - maybe it's adjustable - maybe shimable (if that's a word) - I don't know?

If you don't deal with the issue, you'll end up with high action for the middle strings since the bridge will have more of an arc than the fretboard.

Good luck and have a great time with it!

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