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Beginner Looking for Direction

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So I don't bore all of you with a bunch of repetitious questions(although, this most likely already is one...), is there anywhere a total beginner can get some solid, straight-forward instruction about building an electric guitar? All the basics, including tools, woods, construction, etc... any help is appreciated. :D

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

You have found the right place. Go ahead and ask away. Also, if the board is dead, you can use the search function to possibly get answers. I say start asking. And for tools, supplies, ect, Stewmac.com and the tutorials on the main site are the best

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The best money I spent early on was to buy Melvin Hisock's book called "Make Your Own Electric Guitar". Also "Guitar Player Repair Guide" and "How to Make Your Electric Guitar Play Great" by Dan Erlewine. This site is the best I have ever seen. Helpful people and tons of great ideas. Order a Stewmac Catalog, you will learn a lot just reading through it. Stew Mac

Good luck,


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A couple of good books in my inventory are:

Complete Banjo Repair by Larry Sandberg (not kidding here, the principles are the same as guitars in many areas)

Complete Guitar Repair by Hideo Kamimoto

Both books are loaded with pictures and very informative on tools and methodology.

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