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Best paint for flat finish?


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There are ways you can do this. I don't know how the reults will look though. I think there are flat clears out there. Since they don't use them in the automotive paint world I can't tell you for sure.

However, if you have your paint mixed at an automotive paint store that sells PPG paint, ask for a few ounces of DX265 Flattening Agent. A little added to the paint will go far. For example, 2 ounces in an RTS quart of black makes for some FLAT black paint.

Good luck and be sure to test spray first. Add a bit at a time.

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

Choose yeour paint for the finish. I reccomend the duplicolor or house of kolor stuff. Then, top coat with a satin clear. Deft or polyU will work. Flat paint is rough, and will feel like emery cloth....bad feel.

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if you have the equipment, i'd go with a ppg/hok system, and add a flattening agent to the topcoat clear. the clear adds a bit of durability, but there are equipment and health issues involved with catalyzed clear.

custom flame painting has a forum that has a lot of painting information and experience roaming around.

hope you find what you're lookin' for. :D

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