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Three way on the face of the guitar, no screw mount?


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I can't figure out a switch that is designed to be mounted internally. After all, all the pressure comes from the outside of the guitar which requires some sort of a collar to prevent the switches being pushed in.

The three way switch type used in LesPaul type guitars is by design closest to your wishes but it requires a washer and a nut of about 15 mm in diameter. Not too bad considering that the actual hole on the guitar is about 10 mm. I also thought about threading the hole but tightening the switch in the right position would be next to impossible.

A blade switch (Fender type) requires two screws at the ends of the slot. You might be able to attach them from the inside if the top wood is solid enough. Threaded inserts might help. The distance between screws is about 40 mm from center to center and the length of the slot is about 30mm so there's not too much space for heavy duty attachments at the ends. Also bear in mind that you can't make the top too thick or the switch won't operate. One option might be a larger base plate which would take the fastening screws farther from the slot. You could even leave the top thicker at the attaching spots and use more than just 2 screws.

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6 hours ago, curtisa said:

some kind of subframe

Why can't I use simple words like that? Exactly what I meant, the grey line up there.

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