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Marshall Amp problems


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new member here, so sorry if i am in the wrong section :-\

anyway, i have a marshall 30w DFX combo amp, and whenever i have it in overdrive, i heare this really loud buzzing, but then when i touch something metal on it, or the strings, it gets a little bit softer, but its still there. anyway to help this?

and for anyone who has a the same, or similar amp, does it make some sort of popping noise when you turn it off?

i just want to know if theese thigns are normal , or if there is some way to fix it. thanks :D

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i used to get popping noises on my marshall...i think it was something to do with the pots, can;t remember tho

your best bet is to take it to a guitar shop and get it serviced :D

btw , what guitar are you using?


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anyway-back on topic :D

it could be either one of two things..

@the guitar

@the amp

is there any possibility that you could try another guitar through the amp, and your guitar through a mates amp?

this way you can find out if the problem is with the amp, the guitar or both B)

if its the amp, then it needs looking at by someone who knows how to fix it without dying

and if its the guitar, you should be able to do it yourself if you have the minimal knowledge and guidance


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well, it was one of the cheapest guitars at the store.i thought that i would spend most of my money on the amp, since it would make more sense to one day soon replace the guitar rather than the amp. anyway, i was just playing it, and i realized that when i turn the tone all the way to 0, the buzzing stops. its just that i always play with it at 10. so, i guess it is the guitar. feel free to close the thread now.

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i have an MG10 DFX and if you have it on high gain then it will pop when you turn it off. its nothing to worry about and wont harm the amp

the buzzing is probablly the guitar and it it get less when you touch something metal then it will probablly be bad grounding, either that or you could be standing next to something thats creating bad interference, TVs, Microwaves and (most likelly) computer monitors can all create nasty buzzing

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1. Try another guitar

-if this makes it go away do a search here on grounding and shielding.(pay to have it fixed if you dont have the time, equipment, or skill)

2. Try another cable. Preferably one by george l's, spectraflex, planetwaves, monster, etc... Basically something high quality and known to be quiet.

-if this resolves it buy a new cable. toss the one you have.

3. If the amp has a three prong plug. I would guess it does. Make sure all the prongs are there and plugged in. (dont use a ground lift)

If you need to take the amp and your guitar to a shop and try it with a high quality cable and your/thier guitars. Also try it in different rooms in your house or a friends or neighbors. It could be dirty power, but i suspect its one of the first 2.

It could be just a noisy amp its hard to have really high gain and no noise.

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