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where to get a floyd rose original online??

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are you sure the stew mac one is a licensed copy? it does`nt say anywhere that it is


It's a Schaller. Look at the pic. It has writing near the fine tuners (Licenced Under Floyd Rose Patents) and says "Schaller" on the base next to the low E saddle where on a Floyd Rose it would say "Floyd Rose". Schaller's have the hardened pivot inserts, as shown in the pic, Floyd Rose's do not. It's a copy.

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What does a used Floyd from around 1986 go for ? I got one in a Kramer and wouldn't be totally against parting that guitar out. It's black, a little wear on the low E fine tuner, one of the post studs is crappy looking on top coz the plating popped off when I was adjusting it. I have the box it came in and all the wrenches, I think.

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Thanks Brian. It's not one of the very originals that Floyd Rose was making in his garage. I bought it around '86 for $175 plus shipping. Kramer was distributing them.

I spent some time looking at ebay a while ago (too much time-that place gives me a headache) and found one that looks exactly like mine, except mine is in much better shape (not nearly as worn):


It's only got a current bid of around $50, so if that's what mine's going for, it's staying on the Kramer guitar.

I also just read that the first production run of Floyds (after their 'garage days') was actually done by Schaller in Germany and I'm pretty sure they were made there long after that too.

Notice the guy selling this one on ebay got it at a garage sale. Wish I knew where these kind of garage sales are.

I also have a WD floyd copy on another guitar and it seems to be made just as well as my floyd, plus it has individual height adjustment for each string saddle.

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