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Vampire Project High quality pics...


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Well here they are! Hope you enjoy!




Sanding done phew!


For great spraying results, try do it just outside your bands rehearsing room.

They will be pleased by the smell, and inhaling laquer will only make your rehearsing even more fun!


Cover on and first laquer-coat has been sprayed...


same here


well back into the box. After numouros layers of laquer this baby is getting her

beauty sleep, for about 2-3weeks. Then I'll start polishing for real..





thanks to this site I actually did all this by my own! I've never done anything like it before and I'm pleased with the results. It's not perfect, there are lots of stuff that I would like to do over again. But now I need a ****ing break!!

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Is the artwork a Vampire D(cartoon anime thing?) picture?

It looks like that vampire guy, thats just AWSOME.

Great job, what RG model was it before? :D

Yes it is! It's D from Vampire Hunter, as said in another post I scanned the DVD-cover of that movie.

And it was an RG7620 before... Now it's an RGV7620 B)

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