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Need pictures of a neckthrough guitar heel

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mkay, basically im vaguelly forming the ideas for my BIG project guitar.

7 string baritone neckthrough sort of thang (a la stephen carpenter)

ive realised that i dont really know what the heel would look like on a neck through guitar and was wondering if anybody could show me some pics

many thanks

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thats exactlly what i needed. i knew roughlly what it would belike but i just wanted to have a look at at least one


forgot to say thanks lol

so...er....Thanks :D

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Thats a very important area on a neckthru guitar. If you begin your neck too far into the body you might wind up with hardly any structural wood left, that also depends on where you rout the hole for the neck pickup. You can see that the heel ends (and actual neck starts) about 2" from the body.

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