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4 string bass

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Ok I am starting my new project soon , a simple 4 string bass....

so far I glued the 2 blanks of Mohogany......

I am online shopping for the hardware and stuff ( I was planning ) :

Schaller 4 string bass bridge

Gotoh tuning machines

24 " bass truss rod double action

And a passive EMG - HZ ( anybody have experienced this PUP ? I am a guitar freak, I only played a few times a Wasburn Status with Active EMG pups, so don't really know how a passive would sound, anyway it's quite cheep abaut 70 $ should be ( Stewmac ).

Please anyone have any suggestions , tips , or whatever, I would really appriciate :D

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Cool, so does anybody suggest other brands and models?

I saw a seymour duncan bass pickup for about 60 $

Well I guess that the set of 2 active pickups is about 200$ there must be a reason, but sometimes you can find a unkown brand , that kicks it .......

BASS PLAYERS please express yourselfs ! :D

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i went kinda cheapo with my pickup selection, bet hey.... im a student!

2 x select emg J-bass pickups. ( $45.98 from stewmac)

and to be honest, they are not bad at all. but being single coils they are succeptable to noise(mostly from monitors/tv`s)

my bass is well shielded so when both pickup volumes are at the same level, the hum gets cancelled out nicely.

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If you feeling comfortable purchasing a bartolini DO IT if you want great tone. They're among the top bass pickups. Otherwise, the ACTIVE EMG's are really nice. I haven't installed many pickups so I can only tell you what I've experienced, but I like the Bartolini's a lot, I've got some sort or other on my bass.

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How are bartolinis wired? Are they passive or active? Do they need a preamp? etc...

My Bartolini came with a paper that tells how to wire it (series, parallel, one coil, other coil, etc). My pickups are passive, but I imagine you could get active ones. The place where I got mine (www.bestbassgear.com) only had passives though. As for a preamp, I will be using a simple 3-band preamp that I found on an opamp data sheet.

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Active pickups merely have fewer windings (i.e. to reduce noise, etc). Thus, the output on the pickups are much lower. This requires you to have a powered preamp to boost the signal before it gets to the amp.

This is why they are called active pickups, because they require an active preamp. You can also use an active preamp with passive pickups as it lets you boost frequencies as well as cut them, passive preamps can only cut frequencies.

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