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Neck thru question

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Hey guys and gals,

I want to build a neck thru with a neck made from mahogany and bubinga.

My problem is that the bubinga is only 24 inches long.

My question is, do all the lamnations in a neckthru ACTUALLY have to go thru the body.

maybe i need an example:


Its the Signature model of Mike Mushok. Notice how only the centre lamination from the neck goes thru the body. or thats what it looks like anyway.

just wondering if this is plausable to do, or if i should find some longer wood.

Any suggestions accepted!



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I am currently building my first neck thru guitar (its a bass actually).

We plan on having all the woods in the neck go entirely through the body, HOWEVER, im 99% positive this isn't necessary. I can't see your picture, however from what I interpret, it looks like your going for what Litchfield did here.

As you can see the purpleheart is the only portion of the neck that goes all the way through.

Your main concern is going to be overall neck stability in relation to the body. As Long as the portion(s) that runs all the way through the body is thick enough to provide even stability so that you dont run the risk of snapping your neck off, I BELIEVE you are fine. Don't quote me on that though.

Also just make sure your glue joints fit very snugly and that you use a good glue (I like titebond).



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It just looks that way because the outside neck through wood is the same as the body wood. So it's blending together in the photo. Really you only have to seat the neck about as far as any set neck guitar to have a stable neck joint. So going all the way to the strap button is unnecessary. I use a deep set neck often where it stops somewhere around the middle or bridge pickup, and the rest is body wood. Then the bridge is driving body wood, not the neck extension. If you want the neck through sound, then you have to run it all the way back at least to the bridge studs.

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I plan on building another neck thru myself. But it won't look like a neckthru until you see the butt end of the guitar. I want the grain on the wings to meet (bookmatch) so I will cut the body portion of the neck smaller to fit inside channels routed in each wing. This will also give me a sort of mortise and tenon joint for attaching the wings together. Wish me luck, :D .

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that's kinda the point of making a neck thru... one peice from top to bottom... save the 24 inch peice for a scraf neck... or a small peghead heck....

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