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Fitting a Floyd to an OLP ........pics

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I bought this OLP MM1 on Ebay and it arrived today. Though there is no time like the present so she got stripped of her hardware and I fitted the Floyd.

Ill post some better pics later when its daylight and the guitar isnt so dirty (greasy marks show up real bad with the flash).

Ill do the nut later in the week.

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why didn't you buy a HH suburst strat and replace the trem with a floyd? lol

looks like that's what you want...

that finish looks so, odd, not bad, but just odd on that guitar

it's a nice guitar though B)

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"2 Black Humbuckers"

wow - pickups to die for :D

Fairly inexpensive for an fairly big name artists signature guitar. Although the specs dont exactly lend to it being an awesome guitar at a glance? meh, what would i know B)

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Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

So...any more on the floyd tranfer? What pickups are you gonna use?

Sorry, Its just that BeAr's threads get hijacked far too often.

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