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Headstock is little too small

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I was wondering, my headstock is a little too small (never trust a 75 year old wood shop teacher) since its made of black cherry, i was wondering if I could take soe maple, cut the exsiting headstock so its smaller and attach the maple to both sides and the top, would this work good? would it make my headstock stronger?



P.S. I just noticed it when i was laying out my tuners for it :D

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If you're doing a headstock with any kind of sharp points on it, yeah, Maple is goood. A hard Maple point is less likely to break or snap off if hit.

But if you don't have any sharp points, you might want to use something like Mahogony.

Maple kind of sucks to hand-shape, it fights you all the way. Mahogony is much much easier to work and shape by hand, but a sharp Mahogony point will break easier if hit the wrong way.

Mahogony would be my first choice due to it's easier workability tho.

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