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oh dear god

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due to some... unfortunate misunderstandings and a lack of commication and education in the internet on my mums part, i may be forced into buying this.

the story is long and albeit sad and unfortunate, is irrelevant to my question B)

Even though this may put a dent in my money a bit, I was up until this point going to share my money between the guitar im workin on at the moment and the Jackson DXMG Im saving for. However since i may get stuck with this fella... would it be worth my while doing this one up instead of the DXMG? I mean i could get a proper Floyd Rose and EMG 81/single/single set for it, and it could turn out beign very cost-effective. However from the look of it it may need more owrk than that... however im not sure.

But then again... i would prefer a 2 humbucker setup, which is why i was looking at the DXMG... and i wasnt looking for an incredibly versatile sound..

Maybe i could treat it like the versatile guitar it could be, and put some nice gold hardware on it and give it a veneer top and stuff :D lol


ps - sorry if this seems pointless, but im so confused. godamnit! god i hope someone else bids on that thing tomorrrow.

- Dan :D

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If you really don't want it, you could always inform the buyer, and ask him to remove your bid. Alternatively you could tell him that he should sell to the next highest bidder and you will pay the difference as a gesture of good will (could be a bitch if the next best offer is pennies..).

I once bid in error on a vintage SG junior (I was going to place a small bid and accidentally hit 'buy it now' instead of 'confirm bid') and I emailed the seller to apologise and politely explain that I hadn't intended to hit buy it now, and couldn't possibly afford to pay the buy it now price. He was more than happy to cancel the auction and relist, even though it was extra hassle for him. It really can't hurt to ask...

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or you could just plain out cancel the bid, i know it's not the best way to go, but i've done it before.. less hassel, odds are he probably won't care

i don't think you have much to worry about it, for that price there's probably at least one sniper watching and waiting.... in the freak even that you win it... wait till you get it then make some decisions

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Thanks guys,

I looked around for a way to cancel my bid and I couldnt find one?

If worst comes to worst I'll either take it or do as you say and email the bloke and explain the situation.


- Dan

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