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I am such a fool

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Hi guys.

Well, like many people here, i have been trying to find a local luthier who i can talk to and hopefully learn from.

I work at a music school, and one of the guys there builds guitars in his spare time, so i have drained him of some very cool information.

BUT soon i started to try and find another guy, just so I could have some help from a professional.

I put an advert up at my work, and after a while, i had no replies, i was disheartened.

Then one day, i was at work, checking out the details of the London Guitar show thats coming up soon, when one of my bosses, Pam, looked over my shoulder and said "Patrick Eggle is going to be there, isnt he?" I replyed yes, and asked how she knew "Oh he told me the other day, when he was rehearsing here"

:D i suddenly felt increadably stupid. one of my Idol luthiers in the UK, probably one of the best in the UK, had been coming and rehearsing at my work for years!

I had been serving this guy coffee, tea and Mars bars, and never knew it!

I had a look throught the computer at work, and discovered he is next in next Saturday. I dont normally work saturdays, but i think i might that day, just to talk to him!

Anyway, i dont know why i wrote this, but im really excited about meeting him, and knowing who he is, lol!

btw, heres the site of his work Patrick Eggle

Anyway, bye for now!


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not an attempt to hijack, rather share a similar story.

i've been playing in the local jazz/blues scene on bass for quite a few years now. i've helped out at high schools, the community college, small indie combos, etc. i've never had the chance to catch some of the greater players in the area, however, so i'm always looking out for when and where they're playing.

then, out of nowhere, stuff starts happening to me. i work a clinic with Mark Colby (god of tenor sax) and Vince Maggio (the guy that wrote the book on the modern rythm section, literally. he opened the rythm section area at the miami school of music by himself). i play bass in a combo for one of Kirby Shaw's choirs. i sing in one of his, too, as well as Kirk Marcy and John Yenenborough. i sit down for a jam session with Frank Mantooth on piano. i record a live album on bass while Lou Fischer solos on his yamaha silent bass over the top of one of my combos. my combo performs for Doug Beach at elmhurst college. all these crazy things happened within the timespan of 2 months, and i went from being some punk kid that can read music on bass to a respected musician that's played with some of the biggest jazzer names around here, as well as around other places as well. was pretty cool.

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