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Is it worth it?

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I'm trying to decide if it's worth the extra money for a Carvin through-body neck, or if I should just hope for the best and make my own. I've never made a guitar before, but I'm very experienced working with wood. The one thing I don't want to mess up is the through-body neck, because if I screw it up I can't simply unbolt it. I've figured that the truss rod/fretwire/fingerboard/neck wood etc. will be about $70, and I would no doubt make my own neck if thats all I would need. But I have no tools and seeing as the Stew-Mac Fretting Tool-Kit is $140 (I know they probly throw in some non-essential items to make it cost more) it makes me hesitate. If there is no non-essential items in the toolkit, as I have yet to determine every needed tool, then there is not much of a price difference and there is no question to what I will do... so sorry in advance if I find that it will cost me the same either way. Any thoughts on this would be appretiated..... :D

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build it yourself!

great satisfaction, and I did my first one from some laminates for a neck thru with no experience in woodworking! came out great. didn't buy everything at once and stretched it out over some time to ease the wallet, but I like it alot!


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