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Extending Pickup Wires?


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I got hosed on eBay. My EMG, aledgedly an 81 (how would I tell?), has almost no wire on it at all. The corner is chipped down to get to the little stubble, but it's not enough to actually solder on a bigger piece of wire. Is there a way to take apart the case and extend it, or is it basically junk?

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email emg and tell them about it and usually they will replace it, with the newer one

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they did mine

as there is no way to crack the case open without damaging the pickup..

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Ansil, who did you contact about replacing the pickup? I emailed tech@emgpickups.com, but that guy just said that there was no way to open the case because of the epoxy used.

exactly , which is what i said in above bost that you can't open the case, i talked to the tech at that time, it was before they had tech@emg.com

te address i used is no longer in service, and i talked to the head guy the last time i dealt with emg, but it wasn't on this matter, you can have his email i fyou want, just dont' brign my name into it



general manager send thempics of my board.

they said they would replace my spc unit since i had an old board and the traces came off of it, still waitin on that one

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I dunno about sending you a new one.

I emailed for a various reasons, one being that the quick connect prongs on my 81 broke and they wouldn't replace it. some **** about "improper installation" or some buullllll.

I also needed mounting screws, nothing.

I needed new quickconnect cabling also, just sent me the link to guitarparts.com.

Oh yeah. To see if your EMG is a real deal.

1) It'll say EMG on it

2) If its an 81, EMG will be silver.

3) It should say on the back also.

4) There is some magnetic tape thingy EMG sells (used to sell?) that would identify it via the magnetic fields.

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yeah a cool sticker i got mine on my car

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