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First guitar project

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Finally started my first guitar project.

I first started to cut some templates. I'm happy I did, because i never used

a router before. A couple of templates were not useable. After a while I got the hang of it.




This is what I came up with.

So, last weekend i decided to get down to the real job.




I didn't do any sanding yet so it all looks a bit rough.

Any comments are welcome.


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I'm not using a faceplate on this one. I will be routing the other cavities on the back of the body. The pups will be comming out of the wood in the front.

So I routed then through the body.

Kind of like a strat setup but turned arround. What they rout in the front of the body, i will be routing at the back.

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Just to clarify-- you are going for a completely back-routed setup? Interesting idea! The pickup routs will definitely end up looking a lot cleaner than the big-ass routs that are often used for pickguard-less single-coil geetars.

Without knowing what the rest of your plans are for the unique routing method-- my only concern is that using this method you may sacrifice a bit of structural integrity. Ie. back-routing the cavity thin enough that your pickups will stick out enough. Are they going to be height adjustable? What sort of covers are you going to use on the back once the electronics are installed?

I know one thing for sure-- I gotta give you respect for seeing things a different way and trying a new method. I'm very interested in seeing how this project progresses!


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the pups will be adjustable. I am making some kind of metal bracket to mount the pups in. Instead of running the screws through the body, i'm mounting screws with a flat head in the bracket. I'm soldering the heads so they will stick.

The little tube or spring, will go between the bracket and the pup.

Then I put a small bolt on the back of it. By turning the bolt You can adjust the height of the pup.

The bracket is made to fit the back cavity.

I'm making some faceplates in mahogony to cover up the cavities at the back of the body.

I know i am removing a lot of wood here. I hope the body will still be stable.

Did anyone had some experience with this??

I will be using a recessed tunomatic bridge and the string will be body through.

Keep you posted as the work goes on.


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I don't know if it's a Danelectro setup (because i've never seen this kind of setup).

I was looking for a way to mount the pups and still be able to adjust them.

I will put up some picks the moment i've finished the brackets.


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