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Fret leveling on a maple fretboard

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Hi all,

I just got done spraying my neck and now I need to remove the lacquer from the frets. This is a new warmoth neck and according to them the frets have already been leveled but because I got the neck with a birdseye maple board, I needed to spray that too. Now that I'm done spraying it how doe I clean the frets up, what is the best way of doing it and what tools do I need.



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hmm.. sounds like a good time to have one of these

fingerboard guards


then you could really get down and get the entire fret without worrying about the board..

and yes i think scott means pull towards you with the blade pointing away from you, like a scrapper, the OPPOSITE of how you would use a chisel for example

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The fretboard gaurds rule.And you'll never run out of use for razor blades and Exacto knives in any shop.

You can also go with the old 8,000 miles of masking tape,(just make sure your laquer has fully cured),and do a standard level.Or you can grind a notch into the head of a nail and draw that along.

Scoring with a metal ruler and an Exato with a #11 blade,(takes a while but it's for best results),along each side of every fret before you begin any of the methods is always a good start.That way as you clean the frets the laquer will only chip so far.

What? you're NOT supposed to chisel towards yourself?!? :D (j/k).

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