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String tension..

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Helloo.. Here's a question that's been nagging me since the first day I started playing the guitar (well, almost the first day).. Why is it that on 2 guitars with in perfect tune, having the same scale length and exactly the same (type) strings, the apparent tension in the strings feel a lot different (ie one's easier to bend and feels 'slacker' than the other)?? This has been bugging the heck out of me for a long time so I really look forward to knowing why.. Thanks!!

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ya, trem's tend to have a little "give" to them where as hardtail's or tune-o's would seem a bit "harder"... action is also a big factor.... lowering your strings barely a 32nd can have a huge impact on the feel

like tek said.. frets make certain styles of playing easier..

radius, is more of a personal pref, maybe one was 12" and the other was 16" and your hands just like the 16" more?

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im not 100% sure on this one but i think the length between nut and tuner has a impact on tension. by this reasoning, the 1st 2nd and 3rd string should be easier to bend on a 3x3 headstock than on a 6 inline headstock.

but im not sure... i think someone mentioned something about it before.

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Without knowing more about your guitars, it's hard to come up with a definitive answer.

A locking nut (or just high string tension across a standard nut) will make the "feel" when bending appear a bit stiffer, because the strings can't glide across the nut... you're just stretching the string, as opposed to stretching and pulling some of the slack from behind the nut.

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From what I understand the ONLY things that affect string tension are:

scale length

string gauge

tuning (D vs. E, etc.) of course will also change it, but that's more obvious than technical.

That's it. Although it's agreed that several other factors can influence the feel and ease of bending, etc. I believe they were all mentioned; string action, locking nut, tremelo system or not, fret sizes/height and fingerboard radius.

I suppose on a non-locking nut guitar, the length behind the nut may add or subtract the amount of "give" on the strings when bending, but it doesn not affect string tension whatsoever. Even with a locking nut the string tension is not affected.

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