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Wood cracks?!?!

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I've started a project with a rather old piece of ash wood. It's nice and thick (1' 3/4)but it's starting to seperate where the 2 original pieces bind. Any suggestions??

I've already cut out a LP style body type and I'd hate to just scrap it.

The seperations about 3/16 " only on one side ( the back).



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There are a few things that you can do....You can always fill the crack or separation with a putty made of ash dust and thick superglue or epoxy, but this will present problems with staining......Or if you are daring you could cut the body blank in 2 with a fine kerfed bandsaw...re-joint the edges and reglue...You might lose 1/8in of total body in the process....You can steam the glue-joint apart depending on the type of glue which was originally used.

There are probably about a dozen other ways to correct this that I'm not thinking about right now......But, I think you are a long way from tossing the body into a dumpster!

BTW....Have you cut a neck pocket yet?

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Thanks everyone who responded. Right now nothing but the shape is cut ( no neck pocket, pickup routs etc..I'm waiting to either make or buy a neck before I cut out the pocket) I'll try to throw up a picture of it next time I'm online. I'm kind of reluctant to do much until I get the split issue out of the way. I'm not really in much of a rush, but I don't want to mess up the wood (this is my first venture in guitar building)..BUT the good thing is ..the wood was free..LOL my neighbor was throwing out old broken chairs , 4 of them..I saw the ASH stamp on the bottom of them and snuck out at night and dragged them in B) Oh my what the neighbors must think LOL!!! Then again how cool would it be to be like..remember those chairs in your trash? ..They're now guitar bodies!! The ultimate in recycling!

Thanks again all for your info and warm welcome,

I'll get some pics up asap,



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