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fender clapton kit...

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i just ordered a clapton kit from thomann.de for 51 euros plus 13 euros of mailing stuff...

i'm going to install it to my cort guitar and put new pickups in it.

the prolem is i don't want to make whole at the back of my axe...

any suggestions on where i can put it besides the trem compartment and puting a whole on it?

any sugestion is a ok!

thank you all! :D

here is my axe:


here is the headstock (dont laugph this guitar is cheap) but i love tis guitar...cort_headstock.jpg

thanks again!!

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well theres the usuall place undr the pickguard. they also make popup batt compartments i am sure with a little creative xacto'ing you could make a cover that would conceal it in the pickguard. my good buddy had me do something to his pickugard i never thought off. we took an old pickugard and made all the cuts in it in all the right places. and covered it with a cool graphic on there. and added a little hinge on the inside of it. that swung the tone knob outside the body to epose the wiring and the batterie. there was just one little screw hole to turn and it would release the latch.

my yamaha had a similar thing on the back electronics cover cause i had a secret switch filed down there and to make it easier to get ahold of i used one of those little hinges from a cheap locket box

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the standard clapton model has the battery under the pickguard on every one i have seen,

and you can put your batterie back there if you ahve the room

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nope i dont' have the kit, i did however make my own midboost circuit that i loved, but it was my own design and not sure where the scheme is now,

mine was pretty easy to install i glued it all to a push pull pot and just put it in the guiatr.

i have played the clapton guiatr, and although the boost feature does sound remarkably like a humbucker it doesnt' do this without noise, if you are sustaining a note or jamming out power chords you may never notice, but if you do any slight pauses you can hear it at max volume,

sitll its a nice system though

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Firstly, is your guitar grounded to the bridge?? If so, there should be a small hole already there from the control cavity to the trem compartment.. What you can do is use that hole instead of having to drill a new one and have the battery in the trem cavity in between 2 springs (would have to remove the centre spring, though..).. Hope this helps!!

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I installed an EMG Afterburner in my guitar and got sick of the battery under the pickguard after having to change it twice. I just wound up routing a hole in the back of the guitar for a pop-up battery box. I used the template and box available from Stew-Mac and a rented router. I put it about a half-inch behind the trem cavity on the block side and drilled a new hole from the new cavity into the jack cavity to run the wires.

At first I was kind of skittish about routing a deep cavity into the guitar, but it's a Mexican Strat and it's not like it has many original parts except for the neck, body, and bridge. I see you have a Cort, so you might not have to worry about the future resale value of the instrument either. I don't mean that to sound like you've got a worthless guitar, but it's just easier to carve into a Cort than it is a real Clapton Strat.

Anyway, good luck with whatever way you choose, but the battery box is a nice feature to have, IMHO.

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thanks guys hope this will work :D

the man on the shop told me that maybe it's more than 25db maybe 40 or more!

coz in concerts you cannot see any dist. pedal, so i think instead of a dist. pedal he uses the boost... B)

anyways i havent got the kit yet! i'ts been a week now since i ordered the kit :D

maybe tuesday i'll have it, if not i'l call thomann!

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