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Installing a DS-1 pedal inside a guitar using two push/pull pots to hide the controls.....

Pro's and Con's can anybody shed some light since I'm treading on ground I don't normally walk on......

First though's are what type of pot's to use and also putting the battery in the output jack cavity while hiding the board in the trem spring cavity :D

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im no expert on this subject, just my random thoughts, why couldnt you use a single 2 way toggle for the on off and then maybe just take the pots from the pedal itself and use them for the guitar, as for the battery and the board, why not make a separate battery location and then put the board in the control cavity itself if its deep enough

just my thoughts


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hmm personal thoughts.. rebuild the ds1guts to remove all the unnescesary parts.. personal plug here.. the ds386 clone on my site. i have had over 100 people tell me that it is either better or the same as a modded keely ds1 anyway.

how are you activating it.. does the person wish to have a fixed output level and use only tone and dist knobs. if so perhaps config the pushpull to work a small ldr to control the gain and the output stage.. more gain less output and more output less over all gain. doing this would give a greater flexability to it without too much work.. if you re construct the ds1 [takes around 25 minutes] you can put it on the back of a quarter quite easily. using the push pulls you wire up the guitars tone knob to function as tone in down pos and as ds1 tone in up position.

does that help.. i am online right now i could draw up something for you.

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Keep input and output wires as far apart as possible, use power supply bypass caps, keep the board and output leads as far away from the pickups as possible, and shield everything with a star grounding system (use shielded cable as much as possible). That should keep the noise floor low enough to be usable.

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i was thinking of doing something like this

heres how i would do it, probaly not the greatest way, but i think it would work:

you build the body, before you put a top on, route out your cavity for the main board, you then wire it to the jack and pickups and such, then have a switch that goes on the top, so just like a push pull pot or toggle switch, then for power, on the back route a small cavity for a battery to go, then some how fashion it so it "pops" off and you can put in new batteries or whatever

but if you want to get real cool, buy another out put jack, but little different, mount it to the side of your guitar, and then have a power pack on your belt, then have the cord run from the power pack to the guitar, then when you unplug it, turns it off, plug it in, turns on, or use the toggle switch again

2nd option be bit harder maybe.....

Food for though :D

Good luck, let us know how it turns out B)


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