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Inlay on cambered fingerboard

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Or nobody knows what a cambered fingerboard is.! Got me stumped! B) Since the word 'cambered' means 'arched', and you refer to the edges sticking out, I can only assume that you're talking about any fingerboard with a radius. Almost all fingerboards that I can think of have some sort of radius, two of the more common being 10" and 12" which are fairly substantially 'cambered', but which have been inlaid since... well, since someone inlayed a fingerboard. :D

The solution is very simple-- use a thick enough inlay material that you can sand it to match the curve of the fingerboard.

I suppose the same would apply for fingerboards with a concave radius, except the edges would be flush and it's the middle part you'd have to sand down to match.


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If you are putting inlays on a cambered fingerboard how do you compensate for the fact that they will stick up towards the edges of the fingerboard?

You'll need to be sure the inlay material is thick enough, set the inlay then the edges that stick up will need sanded. I had to deal with this a lot on my LP that I put the body inlay on.

Here is an example of what I mean. Weather it is concave or convex, it is the same concept.


Good Luck.

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