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Trem anchor hole

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After a few calculations, i figured that ill be able to afford an OFR to replace that god awful Lo-TRS i have right now, in about a month.

Ive successfully taken teh trem posts out already, but unfortunately, the hole is only around 7-8mm in diameter.

According to warmoht's site, original floyd body anchors need are 9.9mm.

Could i file down the hole with a round file to the desired size?? or would i definitely need a drill to do the work?

I dont want to use the original posts, as they are quite worn out.

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i would say not only do you need to drill it,you should try to find a drill press to make sure your holes are straight.it's too easy to screw up with a hand drill.if you can't find one another option i have used is to get a bit of the correct size and enlarge the holes by hand(turn the bit with your fingers)it only takes about 5 to 10 minutes per hole butyou are much less likely to go off course.

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hey man. you should be able to. i changed my Low TRS II to a schaller floyd rose ( same dimensions as the original floyd) and it works like a dream. no more tuning every 20 minutes , no more cat intonation, no more hassle and a lot more sustain. go to stewmac.com, goet the schaller floyd rose. it has hardened blades aswell for durability. seriously, its so worth it. then get the TRS grip it really tightly and throw it as far as you can, and hope you hit the guy who invented that god awful trem right on the head or in the crotch :D .

o, you can use the original trem anchor posts with the schaller so you wont need to bore your guitar, the new posts will fit in the old bushings in your guitar. i used the original bushings, springs, nut and its al perfect. hope i helped

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Im leaning towards the original more. I figure that what you pay for is what you get, and when the schaller comes for $40 less, i think im going for the original. Besides, i get discounts at my fender dealer.

As i mentioned above, my original posts are very worn, so id like to use the new posts. OFR posts wont fit in the TRS posts. They might in teh TRS-II, but the TRS posts are a helluva lot smaller.

As for hte old trem, im selling it to a friend for $35. Using it on a bass. Yes, a bass. Dont know what hes been smoking!

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