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Neck thickness

Guest Litchfield Custom Gutars

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If I remember correctly the slot for those truss rods has to be 7/16" deep. The thinnest part of the neck is just about where your headstock begins. I would think that anything less than 1/8" of final wood thickness in that area on the backside is asking for trouble.

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i think 1/8" of wood under the truss rod is what we all agreed upon the other time this was dicused as well... so if you went with a 3/16" fingerboard your thinest point of the neck would be 12/16"=0.75"~=19.05mm, again that's if you're using a thin fingerboard for a standard 1/4" fingerboard it's 13/16"=0.8125"~=20.63mm or 21mm

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