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Body Templates


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3/16" acrylic, 1/2" - 5/8" plywood, are all i've used, i prefer the acrylic because the transparency allows you to acheive better alignement results,

On a side note, some people prefer to have just a plain body template without any cavaites, pickups, or neck pocket routings in it, they use individual templates for each task so they can play around with positioning of all those elements of the guitar

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I've been using MDF. Acrylic would be cool, but I don't have access to any. I prefer MDF over plywood because it's easier to work and shape; however, plywood will work fine also. Perhaps the plywood I have is just crap, but any plywood will be a little more prone to splintering and tearing out at the tops and bottoms, though the middle (where it's important) should be fine. Thickness isn't TOO important, as long as it's thick enough for the ball bearing guide to ride along. Extra thickness is useful when you want to make passes at multiple depths.


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