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first finish! need help!!

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hey guys, been a while, but ive got an old charvell of unknown origin that had the gayest finish u ever seen. ( looked good in the big hair days of the 80's though!) ive gotten it all prepped and sanded and pretty much ready to go, and this is gonna be my first time doin a finish of any type. what i had in mind was the burnt finish and im gonna do the flames deal with the tin foil off the tutorial, and i was hoping to do a sun burst as well. so basiclly its gonna look really light and red in the center, but with the wood grain, and flames, and as it goes out it will get darker, till it goes to black on the outsides.

im just wondering if this is doable and if there are any tips on stain selection, or if anyone has done this type finish before.

i have no idea what kind of wood it is but the grain looks good

thanks a lot for any input!


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hey thanks guys. and yeah a sense of humour goes a long way in this world!

i guess what my main concern is can u stain and paint all on the same guitar? my plans were to have it black around the outside like a sunburst and red on the inside getting darker as u go out. im going to try your method brian and stain then paint then clear and see how it looks and ill post a pic here and let everyone see it.

thanks again , seth :D

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when i did my second one.. i actually stained the guitar the color i wanted.. and then actually used a small torch to burn it in the exact places i want ed.. it only takes a few seconds and that way i can see it while i do it..

but i also had good results by burningn the thing and then sanding it down and staining. and putting a clear coat. over it.

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