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Warmoth string-thru-able?

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Having a mere fraction of the creativity and technical skills of most of the people on this board, I figure a good place for me to start working on and finishing guitars is with the Warmoth bodies and necks. I'm having a bit of a problem, though with their flexibility over what they will and will not do/tell me how to do...

What I want to do is have them drill for a tune-o-matic bridge. But I don't want to use a stop-tailpiece, I would like to drill string-through holes myself. When I asked the friendly staff at Warmoth, they told me that they don't know anything about tune-o-matic string-through, and thus couldn't advise me on it, and that I'd be doing it at my own risk, etc etc....

I'd like to know a few things, actually:

First, is it a good idea? Is their reluctance to tell me anything about it a clue that their bodies aren't build for that kinda bridge arrangement?

Secondly, if it's ok to do this, is there some minimum/maximum distance that the string-through holes must be from the bridge?

And, also, I know Warmoth sells string ferrules for the back of the body where the string goes through, but what about when the string comes through the top? What can I use to protect the finish from the emerging string?

Thanks in advance to any who post on this!

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Hey Dolphin,

For another idea on how to do what you want, take a look at the Gibson Flying V. Some of those are TOM-string-thru units.

I think that what Warmoth are really saying is that since they don't know how to actually do it themselves, they can't help you.

Have fun,

Guitar Ed

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i bought an esp for my wife(which of couse she never plays)and the distance between center of tom and center of string ferrules is 1 1/2 inches(holes are staggered to match the bridge compensation)but i don't think it matters,look at a string thru v and you'll see they are quite different from a string thru strat.

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I'm always hearing about the "sweet spot" on Les Pauls, in regard to the stop tail-piece height. In other words: it seems you can have the strings down too far with one of those and of course with the design you are talking about, it would take the "down too far" to the extreme. But I have no personal experience or opinion with the design you want, so don't give up on it. Obviously, it is used sometimes. You could also go with a "wrap around" type bridge like Paul Reed Smith, Satriani Ibanez, Scott Ian Jackson, etc.

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