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Project: Mayhem

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Hi boys and girls(?).

I got introduced to this site by Maelstrom when he wanted to show off his guitar ;P

I got really inspired by what he did and what others have done here.

Now, on to the core.

I just bought an used RG7620 off ebay. It'll arrive in the end of this week/beginning of next week. It has a pretty ugly color and it's finish is damaged and I guess it has some "imprints" in the wood it self. What I want to do with it is mainly to fix those "imprints", get rid of the finish and put on a new one. I'm thinking about putting on a "Veneer Wood Top" in some type. Two pieces so you get a fine little line across the center of the guitar, but right behind the tremolo I'm gonna fit in something like a like-sided triangle with the grain of the wood turned the other way around so it'll be more obvious. I want the finish to feel "dusty", you know those black finishes that that aren't glossy. (nice describing *LOL*). This in the shade of black or VERY dark brown/red, also, the grain in the wood should be visible. I've seen this actuall finish on some guitars. Another thing I want is a border along the body that's "white" (Like this: http://www.projectguitar.com/gal/1s.htm). I've NEVER done anything to a guitar in this size. The only thing I've done is adjusting the pickups, changing strings and adjusting the tremolo ;P

I also wanna have that "Veneer Wood Top" on my headstock, and there we have the issue with the Ibanez logo and the fact that I might wanna add my signature there too. *poseur* hehe.

So the questions is (at last!), where can I read about fixing the "imprints"? Haven't found anything about it on the page, and how do I go about to make that border and that lovely headstock?

When I'm done with fixing it it'll have EMG707's in it, that niiice finish (I hope). Scalloped frets from 21-24. OH, and my signature. And if I really get what I like I'd have a Double Edge Pro 7 installed in it, I can dream, can't I? ;P


I hope to see/hear alot from here and get some nice tips during this spring/summer.

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Seems to be a week for dent repair questions.

I know some people have discussed using heat to raise dent's in finishes on other forums.

Others have simply tried to match the finish and add a thick coat of clear over the area and blend it in. If anybody run's across a tutorial I'm sure they will post it here for you. Seem's I have seen more about repairs of this nature on site's that deal more with acoustic guitar body's.

Guess it's time to play and figure out what to do for a tutorial on this subject :D

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Thanx mate =)

I've been thinking alot of some things. Like how I would made the border on the body / head. can you mask the veneer's edges and then stain the rest in the desired shade or should I cut out the border of the body veneer and add that seperatly?

I'm still drawing up this in my mind. But I think I wanna add some pearl/abalone shite right behind the tremolo. That might be hard though and I don't even know WHAT I wanna have there. *lol*

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I just realized this. The dents on the guitar are going to be under the veneer top, so I could fix them with something that doesn't look good to the eye since it won't be visible. Like old-school shite, wood spawn mixed with glue. *lol* Or something else in that way.

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I've been designing an inlay now and made a scetch on it all.

I've got two versions:



The symbol it self is to be done in abalone. The lines in the body (similar to a peace mark) are the different pieces of veneer. The two big part have their grain horizontal and the little triangle (where the small symbol is on the first pic is located) have it's grain vertical.

Now, wich one do you think is best?

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Got the guitar now. Great thing, a little problem with the springs and spring-retainer, but I'll fix that in next week. The finish on the other hand, it looked muuch better than on the pics, don't know if I really wanna spend the time on refinishing it *lol*

Maby later when I'm tired of the color. hehe.

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