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bending veneer around a tele

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You don't have to steam veneer, you're just making more work for yourself than is necessary, just spritz it with a water spritzer (lightly)

Veneer doesn't have a lot of 'memory', I would just lightly spritz it and slap it on moist.

Have you actually glued any of it on yet?

The sandbag method, are you actually doing it right now or just thinking that's how you'll do it?




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What tape to use is a decision.

You want great 'gription' so it really grabs onto the top and bottom so you can pull that mutherf*cker tight as -hell-, it's important to squeeze any extra glue out of the joint so you don't wind up with glue blobs behind the veneer and the veneer winds up 'lumpy', with excess glue behind it.

But you don't want it so totally sticky that when you go to pull it off, it rips your veneer off either. :D

Don't use excessive amounts of glue either. I usually just glue the body side. Too much glue and you'll hate the whole job. Like Scott said, you'll need 6 arms to cover everything. B)

I used the blue tape here, but the green would probably be better, it grips a bit more than the blue.

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