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synthetic inlay material

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I'm wanting to make an inlay on the body of my guitar, but genuine mother of pearl is expensive. Is there anywhere that sells sheets of synthic mother of pearl or abalone? I've seen pearloid pickguards but that's about it. Does anyone know where to find anything like this? Thanks.


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Knife and Pool cue makers suppliers often have some very cool inlay materials, and some of the stuff that pen turners use might be workable. There's also that laminate that they put on drum shells, but I don't know how well any of this stuff would work. Clavin would be the one to ask - I think he's used everything from rock to precious metals!

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Check out Masecraft Supply.

They are a knife and woodworking company, and they have shell and abalam, and dozens and dozens of plastics, acrylics, casiens, and other synthetics. Bone and other natural things as well. Too many to list. I get many things from them all of the time.

C. Lavin

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They don't have a website. You have to call and get a catalog sent out to you.

Their number is


I don't work for them. I don't get anything out of recommending them. They have one of the widest selections of inlay materials around.

I can equally recommend Rescue pearl, or Luthier's supply, as well as many others.


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I've got the catalog from masecraft and they have some nice products, but I don't think I need to order enough from them to meet their $50 minimum. I've found another supplier called Sheffield Supply. They are a knife supplier and have a very large catalog online with all kinds of real and synthetic materials. The address is www.sheffieldsupply.com .

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