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EMGs for my SSH Soloist


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Hello! I recently purchased a 92 Jackson Soloist from my guitar teacher ($400, what a deal!), and I really love this guitar, but am not satisfied with the pickup arrangement. Currently, I have a Tone Zone (bridge humbucker) which my teacher put in, but the 2 single coil slots are empty. The problem with finding pickups for my guitar is this: the single coil slots are oval-shaped, w/out the triangular structure of modern Jacksons.

The only pickups I have found (and that im interested in) are the SA/SA/81 EMG set, or maybe just two single-coil Carvins. I guess I'm pretty much set on the EMGs, but i'm not sure if they will fit.

The last hurdle in my problem is that I do not know how to solder (although, my uncle is a marine electrician), and only have a basic knowledge of wiring (but i'm pretty well-versed in electronics).

Please help a troubled shredder!

single coil slots

My Beauty

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they will fit...i put the same combination into my sabre

keep in mind the emg single coils do not use the triangular plate,so you will be able to see the wires...but i think it looks cool


hope that helps

and the cheapest placve to get emgs is guitarpartsdepot.com

that is where i buy mine

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I've found that places that don't post their prices on EMGs have them cheaper because EMG won't let them advertise that low. I think warmoth is the way to go (I like GPD too, though). funny thing about warmoth is that asked about their EMG single coil size and the HZ were more expensive than the actives?!!!! the HZs were like 75 but the actives were 67!! my guess is that you won't find anything cheaper than Warmoth. however, EMGs are under manufacturer warranty if you buy them from GPD.

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I've found that places that don't post their prices on EMGs have them cheaper because EMG won't let them advertise that low.

...they don't post their prices because emg won't let them.,but not becausae of the price...nobody but gpd is supposed to post prices..but emg and guitarpartsdepot work hand in hand to sell them

i have called around to every site i could find on a google search(first 4 pages anyway) and noone could touch their prices

call around for yourself...but DO check out the prices at guitarpartsdepot before you buy.....they are usually at least a full $10 cheaper

i also see them pretty cheap new on ebay alot...but not much variety

also keep in mind that the prices fluctuate...one time i found an 81 for $75

2 weeks later i tried to get another at the same place and they and everywhere else were up to around $85

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SD lil' 59s will fit also, and if i'm not mistaken the l'l screamon demons will also. my friend has an early 90's washburn tah was made in korea that was routed like that. well he just looked on the web site to see which pick ups they used for replacement on the usa guitars. to make a long story short in the early 90s they sub contracted the production to samick, as did many companies, and the type of single coils used had a different base plate than most single coils, they didn't have the triangle shaped base plate. so the usa washburn pickups didn't fit. so he sold them and bought a lil 59 and a lil SD to use instead.

maybe this would be an option. his guitar has a full size JB in the bridge and a lil 59 center and a lil scremon demon in then neck slot. he has them all coil tapped and gets tons of sounds. it really rocks.

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